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About Online Academy

The Weld Re-8 Schools Online Academy is for students and their families who
prefer to learn in a manner that is different than the traditional modality of going
into a school building.
Established in 2021
Created in 2021, as a response to the COVID-19
pandemic, the Weld Re-8 Schools Online Academy
strives to provide the best educational experience to
our students who prefer the virtual modality of learning.
Our Goal
As students navigate and take control of their learning in
a virtual space, our goal is to create and maintain relationships
with students and their families in order to provide them the best
educational experience in the virtual space.
Michael Kimbrough Photo
Michael Kimbrough
Online Academy Administrator
Weld Re-8 School District's Online Academy program is
unique because we have partnered with educational
providers who have operated in the online schooling
space for many years.  With this experience, we can
provide an enriching online learning experience for our
students.  We look forward to helping our students achieve
success in an alternative environment.  For questions or
concerns, please contact me at 303-857-7293 or at